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Whiteboard Animations Apps

Whiteboards are one of the most popular tools to help people collaborate on projects, communicate complicated ideas and keep track of what’s being discussed during brainstorming sessions. People use whiteboards in all walks of life, with many finding great success with them in government, business and academia.

With large, lightweight and gorgeous computer monitors being so readily available these days at affordable prices, more organizations are using whiteboard applications to work on projects using a graphics approach. You no longer need to be a trained graphic designer or animator to create vital and eye-catching animations. Whiteboard animations are easier to make than ever before.

If your organization needs to work on complicated projects, you are likely in the market for a new whiteboard animation app. The development team at Redback Software Solutions knows what companies need in a whiteboard and we will listen to your needs to build a customized application so you can work more effectively.

You can run a whiteboard animation app on your desktop, laptop and tablet computers as well as on a smartphone. If you rely on using Apple’s iPad tablet or one of the many tablets that run the Android operating system, for example, you can start working with these devices to collaborate with fellow professionals or students.

Using a Whiteboard Animation App

  • You can draw individual items as needed, of course, but you will also want to take advantage of pre-made assets,

  • including background images, props and even characters and various animated activities that they can do.

  • After you settle on your idea or theme and figuring out the message you’ll need to communicate it, the whiteboard animation app lets you create animated text items, and overlap images of objects on the background of your choice.

  • Need to explain the details of a new proposal from your overseas contractor? Want to test how different ideas will work out using simple stick figures and props to focus your team’s attention? How about sharing the resulting whiteboard animation by saving and outputting it to share via email or over your organization’s intranet? It’s all possible and very easy when you work with a customized whiteboard animation app developed by your partners at Redback Software Solutions.

  • Brainstorm about an item or process and then animate the ideas to test them.
  • Make iterations of the animation based on feedback from all participants.
  • Store items to be recycled directly or after being modified for use in future projects
  • Explore new ideas quickly without needing to be a trained artist.
  • Create tutorials in collaboration with teachers and students
  • Share and develop an animation that will educate the rest of the members of your organization.

The professionals at Redback Software Solutions have seen how using whiteboard animation apps can help companies as well as educational institutions work together much more effectively. Being able to bring an idea to life with an app as you collaborate with fellow workers or students can bring an added dimension of creativity to the whole process. To learn more about our whiteboard animation app development process or to begin work on your own app, please feel free to contact the team at Redback Software Solutions today.

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