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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

How much has it been costing your organization to provide phone service to all your employees? From internal communications with one another at headquarters to staying in touch with branch offices and all your customers, clients and vendors, phone calls can be an expensive drain on your bottom line if you are relying on a local phone company for service. Besides the costs involved in staying connected at the local level, you have to contend with expensive long distance pricing, which can be confusing (perhaps on purpose to keep you from realizing that you have better options).

Many organizations, after examining their costs to provide conventional phone services to their employees, are coming to realize the benefits of switching to a VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol solution. Rather than using some kind of off-the-shelf, generic solution, it’s important to look at your own company’s special needs. In many cases, you will see that it’s best to have a developer create a customized VoIP system that will address your data and communication needs instead of using a one-size fits all approach.

Redback Software Solutions expertly trained programmers know all the ins and outs of developing a VoIP solution for customers and we will develop a system for you as soon as possible. We want you to be able to integrate your new phone system as soon as possible so you can start saving money and communicating more effectively via the Internet.

Do you have employees traveling abroad on company business on a regular basis? You can definitely save money when using VoIP instead of a conventional phone network to communicate with them. If you need to add new users, it’s a snap with VoIP as compared to regular phone systems, which will typically have limitations on the number of standard connections.

Benefits of a Customized VoIP System

  • Ditch long distance fees and apply the savings to internal project development.

  • No need to worry about budgeting to communicate with your team when they’re out of the country.

  • Use your phone system for more than just voice. Send videos and pictures and share files while speaking.

A VoIP system connects people using computers and special VoIP telephone handsets. A caller’s voice is automatically converted into data and then routed via the Internet to the person on the other end. This is a far more efficient method for transmitting voice traffic than using the conventional phone networks.

You can safeguard the communications over your VoIP system the latest in security and encryption protocols. This is essential and will protect not only your conversations, but also any files you are sharing, such as a contract document in PDF format that you send to a colleague while speaking about the particulars.

At Redback Software Solutions, we will be happy to consult with you to develop a specialized VoIP solution to meet your organization’s particular needs. We can also assist you with VoIP services so you work with the most suitable service provider. For details on VoIP and how it can give you a better return on your communications investment, please contact the professionals at Redback Software Solutions today.

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