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Functional testing is a key ingredient for enhancing the quality of the developed software. The risks of releasing a new product without meticulous QA have greater threat now than ever before because of the change in expectations and demands of the end users. The course of Functional Testing is to completely understand and clarify project scope and objectives and systematically understand product functionality. It aims to find how well the system executes the functions it is supposed to execute-including user commands, data manipulation, searches and business processes, user screens, and integrations.

Our objective at Redback Software Solutions is to measure the performance quality of the functional components. We perform a systematic framework based methodology while conducting the tests. Our testing procedure covers the obvious surface type of functions, as well as the back-end operations. By implementing automation framework we are able to drastically reduce the risks of application failures and shorten the testing cycles between releases. It also gives us the flexibility to test the existing scripts on multiple browsers and operating systems, allowing us to perform a rigorous compatibility check.

The core functional testing is certainly a rigorous process that is an amalgamation of functional testing, Database testing and Regression testing that gives you a refined overview of the functionality of your product and assists in bettering and upgrading the software that fulfills the expectations of the users. Functionality testing falls within the scope of black box testing, and as such, should require no knowledge of the inner design of the code or logic. Functional Testing is always concentrating on customer requirement and it targets the business goals to give better results.

At Redback Software Solutions we have well operational servers geared to create various client environments at our premises, and we utilize Web-enabled defect management tools which reflect transparency on the testing cycle.


Automated testing is conducted by means of programmatic scripts. The Automation Testing is carried out by the tester who uses software to test the software instead of conducting it manually. Basically Automation Testing is used to re-run the test scenarios that were performed manually, quickly and repeatedly. Just like Regression testing, Automation testing is used to test the application from the perspective of load, performance and stress. It is the most suitable type of testing when a product changes frequently, but has large functionality. However, automated testing comes with its own benefits and hence it expands the aptitude of testing team and increases the competence of their work in quality control of the software product under test.

The testing will be carried out by performing a selection of test automation tool for system under test, will make estimate efforts for the introduction of test automation, develop or recommend the use of a ready framework, develop automated test scripts for the selected tool, then design a test data and prepare a reference database and finally implement a process to run automated tests and upgrade automated test scripts and analyze results.

We believe that selection of the right tool for automated test scripts, test tool implementation methodology, test automation design approach and test automation project methodology are key factors to ensure the success of test automation projects.

Redback Software Solutions provides genuine benefits and finest results by offering a resourceful platform of automated web application testing. With our test automation services we provide high quality testing solution to make your project an effortless accomplishment. Redback Software Solutions being the best Software development Company knows better that test automation is a core part of every test project, and we consider automated testing service as a software development project taking into account both current and future testing needs.

Functional AutomationTest Tools:

  • QTP
  • Watir
  • AutoIt
  • Selenium
  • LoadRunner
  • TestNG


Load testing is a software testing technique used to examine the behavior of a system when subject to both normal and extreme expected load conditions. Load testing is intended at examining the performance of the system under load of a certain number of concurrent users. You must have heard about applications and websites crashing down and the sole reason for such occurrence is that the load has been higher than what has been expected and accounted for. However, Load testing helps to establish the boundaries of good performance during maximum load.

The objectives that load testing aims to fulfill are to expose the defects in application related to buffer overflow, memory leaks and mismanagement of memory. Another target of load testing is to determine the upper limit of all the components of application like database, hardware and network so that it could manage the anticipated load in future. The issues that would eventually come out as the result of load testing may include load balancing problems, bandwidth issues, capacity of the existing system. The success principle of load testing is based on the completion of all the test cases without any errors and within the allotted time frame.

Almost all the load testing tools and frame-works follow the classical load testing pattern. When customers visit your application, a script recorder records the communication and then creates related interaction scripts. A load generator tries to replay the recorded scripts, which could possibly be modified with different test parameters before replay. In the replay procedure, both the hardware and software statistics will be monitored and collected, these statistics include the CPU, memory, disk IO of the physical servers and the response time. And at last, all these statistics will be analyzed and a load testing report will be generated.

At Redback Software Solutions, we can help you optimize your application’s performance by documenting the results as explained above. Our objective is to enhance the efficiency of the application by making it work well.

For the process, we utilize some of the following recognized tools:

  • Grinder
  • HP LoadRunner
  • Automated QA Test Complete


Performance testing is performed to ascertain how the components of a system are performing, given a particular situation. It becomes more than necessary to conduct the Stress Testing at the early stages of the software development so as to avoid costly reworks in case of stressful launching because every software and application has certain load bearing / operational capacity, beyond which it might find itself devoid of substantial computational resources. While some applications manage to survive this phase of stress, the not so efficient ones crash. Stress Testing is meant to ensure that your software falls in the former category.

The performance testing includes load, stress, scalability, reliability and volume testing. Stress testing is performed by increasing the load cycle’s duration and the number of hits, but in the same time by reducing the response time. Using these different test types our performance testing approach allows making the applications more reliable by identifying where, when and under what circumstances the application breaks. This is especially essential for critical softwares whose crashing or abnormal performance might have a major bearing on the users.

The following process ensures the software’s robustness:

  • Conducting a general study of the behavior of the system under extreme loads.
  • Examining the handling of errors and exceptions under extreme load.
  • Testing the benchmark and standard set for the application.
  • Testing the system capacity.
  • Inspection of certain areas of the system or its components under the inconsistent load.

Redback Software Solutions considers in guiding the clients on following and enhancing performance in terms of applications, networks, servers, stress and others. Our team is experienced in offering the service and hence efficiently takes the difficult decision of determining the kind of test that is required for the application. The right selection will lead us to the right results that subsequently help you generate efficient software.

Performance Testing Tools:

  • Grinder
  • HP LoadRunner
  • Automated QA Test Complete
  • Pylot


“Supposing is good but finding out is better”

The prime motto after conducting these various tests is to make your application usable. It is coherent that the products are prepared for the users and these very users are to review and pass the final judgment which decides its accomplishment. Usability testing has now become a vital part of any project. The usability testing is determined by the ease of use, pleasantness and speed. It includes testing the products navigation that should be easily visible and consistent on your application. While testing the content for making it legible is also an important aspect.

Usability Testing involves real users who utilize the product and provide their feedback on the same. Hence, you can possess imperative information even before it is launched in the mark. However, availing user review can be a long drawn process. It can consume a lot of your time and use up a substantial portion of your resources pool.

At Redback Software Solutions we help you divert your time and resources on your operations while we take up the entire process of usability testing. The process of Usability Testing is taken forward with discussion with stakeholders to conduct an initial interview that is followed by test planning, running-through the test, conducting the test and finally offering test analysis.

We truly believe in helping you in serving your customers with increased efficiency of application use, reduction of application study time by end users and reduction of your resources required for Usability Testing.


Accomplishing a Manual Testing is equal to going back to the basics. It suggests testing the softwares without using any automated tool or any script. In this type the tester takes over the role of an end user and examines the Software to identify any un-expected behavior or bug. There are different stages for manual testing like unit testing, Integration testing, System testing and User Acceptance testing. Testers use test plan, test cases or test scenarios to test the Software to ensure the completeness of testing. Manual testing also includes exploratory testing as testers explore the software to identify errors in it.

However, the procedure is not a cakewalk as you might believe. For it to be successful, it needs to be highly interactive and essentially exploratory. We thoroughly study the system under test, develop test plan and define test cases for manual testing. It is very important to specify the minimum number of tests that verify the various options during manual testing.

To your assistance, Redback Software Solutions offers both the manual and automated testing service. We always make an effort to strike poise in a way that each of these testing approaches are being employed for the relevant testing spheres. Also, elasticity and customization proclaim as our foundation values. After having unraveled all facets of the project through in-depth assessment, we go on to devise the test plan and define its test cases. All of this is done on the basis of the client’s brief and its distinctive requirements.


Compatibility Testing is one of the crucial phenomenon in software Testing. There are a range of operating systems that are being used by your prospective users. The researchers say that there are in all 10% of users who prefer utilizing the non-standard browsers. It becomes more than essential to be aware of how does your site appear in different browsers as it would be unwise to lose that 10% of potential clients.

Compatibility testing allows verifying the application in different browsers, on different OS, with different software and hardware. Redback Software Solutions constantly improves and advances compatibility testing as one of the most important for the end users. Our compatibility testing service allows verifying the application in different browsers, on different OS, with different software and hardware.

  • Database compatibility testing is used to evaluate an application/system’s performance in connection to the database it will interact with.
  • Hardware compatibility testing is used to evaluate the performance of system/application/website on a certain hardware platform.
  • Operating System compatibility testing is used to evaluate the performance of system/application in connection with the underlying operating system on which it will be used.


Installation testing is one of the most significant parts of testing activities. Certainly installation is the first user’s interaction with your product and it is utmost obligatory to test the correctness and smoothness of the process of installation at the first time. Facing any difficulties at that time would make a dent on its reputation. An exhaustive process of installation testing would ideally include the evaluation of the software’s install and uninstall process.

It carries even more importance than before as there are different ways to distribute the software. Instead of the traditional method of software distribution in the physical CD format, software can be installed from Internet, from a network location or even it can be pushed to the end user’s machine. So there are certain valid factors to be kept in mind that affects the installation testing process such as What platforms and operating systems are supported, How will be the software distributed and Who will perform the software installation.

At Redback Software Solutions we cover up each download method and the software’s interaction with the users at the time of install and uninstall to let the process be perfect. We make a point by using the most popular softwares in the industry and we endeavor to let your first impression be flawless.


The Internet has bloomed unbelievably since past few decades and it has been serving as one of the most dynamic platforms that reflect efficiency in all its facets. Internet users, today, are offered with a variety of internet browsers which can be used to access websites and web applications. This leads to dispersed viewers and that ensures the need of testing all web applications and websites across multiple browsers to guarantee their efficiency and performance on all of them.

The famous fact says that the Internet Explorer browser is currently used by great number of users (58%) which certainly suggests that there is more than 40% of your potential market using other browsers. This devoutly increases the significance of carrying out Cross Browser Testing.

Cross Browser Testing can benefit you with:

  • Steady cross-browser rendering and functionality on all website pages with high quality of your website
  • Easy usability and understanding for your clients
  • Simplified website maintenance and updates
  • Sufficient increase in client conversion ratio

Redback Software Solutions provides you with efficient testing processes of which you can be rest assured about their completeness of the analysis. We check for all standard and non standard browsers for compatibility. Our experts check all pages of the website and all processes of the web application to come up with the compatibility report that assists our clients in achieving the goal of improved customer conversion.

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