Build exceptional websites and applications with MySQL:

MySQL is an open source SQL database developed by Swedish company MySQL AB. It supports various platforms including, Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS. It comes with fast, multi-threaded, multi-user and rich SQL database server.

Why should businesses consider MySQL for web development?

MySQL is a widely used open source database. MySQL is the backend database of most of the websites. The advantages of MySQL are as follows:

  • MySQL being an open source database system, it can be downloaded and used by the developer for free.
  • MySQL is robust and it provides excellent performance due to usage of MyISAM.
  • MySQL occupies very less disk space.
  • MySQL can be easily installed in all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX.
  • MySQL can be easily learnt using the tutorials that are available on internet.
  • Though MySQL is open source, it offers most of the features provided by Oracle and other leading databases.
  • MySQL is best suited for small and medium applications.
  • Since MySQL is acquired by Sun, Java is soon expected to include enhanced MySQL connectivity.

Redback Softwares offers end-to-end MySQL Database Solutions:

The technological trends are evolving, and so are the technological needs of businesses across the world. Indeed, several databases for a single solution is the need of the hour. While the scenario is demanding real-time, robust, scalable and flexible apps, at OpenXcell we are well-versed dealing with expert database administrators in all the major databases.

Redback Softwares is dedicated towards offering industry best database services, support and administration. The team at OpenXCell provides database management services to our clients in a highly skilled and competent way. Laying an emphasis on the core areas of reliability, availability, high quality and consistent technological soundness we provide you with our robust services for database like MySQL. We give you an assurance of no database downtime. These facilities are made available 24×7 and therefore have the flexibility to meet the demands of a variety of different platforms and industries.

Why Choose Redback Softwares for your MySQL Database Project ?

The services we offer at OpenXcell have been designed based on the thorough understanding of the software and the platforms on which the concerned programming functions. Our services have a notch above the rest because we are driven by years of experience and core technical know-how. This enables us to provide our client with the best facilities possible through our database administration services.

At Redback Softwares we have a talented and experienced team of MySQL developers who can help you accomplish your tasks through our dedicated database services. Apart from having world class developers we strive to deliver ultimate client satisfaction. With that, OpenXcell brings its ingenious outsourcing model to the table that further enhances our services with critical elements like quality, speed, responsiveness, scalability and consistency while delivering development services in order to deliver desired results.

We take pride in creating value for our clients. Drop us an inquiry now and our business analyst will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.

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