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Software Conceptualization and Design

Your software project begins life as an idea and set of goals as elucidated by your organization’s key stakeholders. As we consult with you to begin work on the project, the software conceptualization and design process begins.

Software conceptualization provides the basis for your project. All applications evolve from ideas in the minds of designers and programmers to become a reality as we go through the design process, adhering to project milestones and conducting our quality assurance tests all along the way. Research Is Essential for the Best Conceptualization of Your Software

To get the best understanding of your software project’s needs, the team at Redback Software Solutions will enter into the research phase. This allows us to gather the details that will guide the project design and development as we address your goals and specifications.

Research the Market

It’s important to get an overview of your competitors and the features their software currently provides.

This helps us identify their weaknesses and determine what functionality is lacking in applications so we can address them and provide a superior product with your software, making it more appealing and engaging to your target user base.

We also take note of what works well in competing applications as we prepare to design a much-improved software offering for your organization.

With groundbreaking software in particular, we need to conduct a feasibility study to verify the proper functioning of your application before design begins in earnest.

Collect Data and Analyze Industry Trends

Our team of top-notch researchers gathers all relevant data regarding your software category. Information to be gathered includes which platforms your end users will be relying on, trends in technology development and hardware advancement and operating system requirements.

We’ll identify the key players in your industry and make a detailed comparison of similar software titles that are currently on the market, as well as determine what went wrong with similar applications that wound up failing, assuming any exist.

Survey Your End Users

We need cold, hard facts from your end users, so we will create surveys to find out what they need, what they don’t want and what features they wish existed today to help them get their work down.

The more feedback we can get, whether through questionnaires, online reviews and other market research techniques, the better we can envision the best way to design your new application.

Redback Software Solutions is known for being a software development company that conducts SWOT analysis to identity strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to our customers’ applications so we can place you at a competitive advantage and make sure you get the best value for what you spend.


When your organization outsources software development to the team at Redback Software Solutions, you will have at your service a team of highly creative and motivated designers who have years of experience creating world-class applications quickly and efficiently.

After determining the scope of your project and collecting the requirements and special information and instructions from your stakeholders, we will begin by prototyping the application. Prototyping is essential for the design phase, as it lets us identify what’s working right before we dive into the programming. It also gives you an opportunity to adjust your requirements.

Our designers take software specifications and turn them into models that show the complete system architecture, the user interface, specifics on the data structures and other components. You can rest assured that our leaders perform quality checks during each stage of design, so we are always working from a strong base.

You are likely arranging for software development in India not just because of the excellent return on investment you receive, but also the access you get to the finest programming minds in the industry.

As a highly streamlined software design company, we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. When design patterns have worked well in the past and become industry best practices, we implement them accordingly to save you time and money.

Consistency is another key component of our design process. The result is that you get an intuitive and cohesive navigation and control system for your application that end users will appreciate.

From menu structures to color choices to the best placement of tools and how data is presented and manipulated, our team structures the design so that it can easily be modified should the need arise. We also continue with quality checks throughout the design process.

Designers work at an abstract level so they can focus on the bigger concepts without getting bogged down in procedural details that will be handled by the programmers.

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