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Real-time and Multiplayer Games

Being able to spread some joy and happiness to others is one of the best things about being a company that creates and publishes games.

Of course, it’s also no secret that well-made games that truly engage players can become a lucrative source of income for organizations that are involved in arts and entertainment.

Because some games will include an educational aspect, you can see that real-time gaming and multiplayer games can not only help people relax and unwind after a hard day at work, they can also help stimulate their curiosity and inspire them to acquire more knowledge about the world.

Your organization may have a great idea for a real-time and multiplayer game, but you lack the internal resources and staffing to take on this project by yourself at this time. Since Redback Software Solutions has launched the ValueShore Program, many companies have determined that they can get a much better return on their investment when they go with an offshore app and game development company like Redback Software Solutions.

Our development team has a great deal of experience creating real-time and multiplayer games. We are experts in setting up such games with all the necessary real-time elements required for a compelling player experience.

One of the most important aspects of a robust multiplayer game is the ability to keep track of and manage the positions of each player (or the player’s avatar or in-game stand-in character). When your player lifts up a weapon and starts firing it, the system needs to know to where this item is at all times so it can reflect it not just in the player’s screen but in the screen of all other players who are in that area of the game. We don’t update the entire world to reflect these changes, but instead just send commands to show which items are moving and where.

Communication is essential within games and your users will be expecting some way to talk with one another. To that end, we will develop an in-game chat service so your players can coordinate their games as well as socialize and build their bonds. If your players need help finding one another, we will create a matchmaking feature so they can get started immediately instead of floundering around, hoping someone will show up soon for a quick game.

Most multiplayer game enthusiasts require access to real-time data as it’s being generated or they will not be able to see how well they are doing and adjust their strategy and tactics. This is why we make a point of building real-time statistics into the game. Without statistics, your most competitive players will feel left out and may wind up switching over to another game that better meets their needs to compare themselves with rivals.

The better your game is designed and programmed, the more enticing it will be to your end users. Redback Software Solutions’s experts know how to build games that are so engaging, they will keep your users occupied for hours on end. The more time they spend in your world, the more likely it is that they will purchase in-game items (such as new weapons and costumes) as well as encourage their friends and family to sign up and join them (adding more to your bottom line).

For details on how our team designs and develops real-time and multiplayer games or to get started on your next game project, please feel free to contact the professionals at Redback Software Solutions at your earliest convenience.

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Real-time and Multiplayer Games
Being able to spread some joy and happiness to others is one of the best things about…
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